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== Priestly Building (67)==

The Priestly Building (67), also known as the Maths Building, adjoins Building 69 and is located towards the end of Cooper Road, near the alumni court. It houses the mathematics subsections of the School of Mathematics and Physics with many of their offices on the higher floors, hence it's alternate name. Tutor boxes are also currently located on level X (MATH MATH..) and level Y (MATH ). It is also home to the Science Learning Centre (The SLC), the Math First Year Learning Centre, and the Math Space. The Priestly Building is serviced by one set of two elevators which are opposite an internal stairwell, there is also a set of external stairs on the eastern side. Although the Math Building is 8 floors high, the elevators only rise to the 7th floor, so the stairs must be used to get to level 8.


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First Year Learning Centre

Math Space

A total of 8 floors.

Connected to building 69.

Floor 1

Floor 2


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2 (1 exterior)

Lecture Theatures

1 (1XX)

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